TrueAllele: A Black Box

Dr. Mark Perlin founded Cybergenetics and created a DNA software analysis program entitled TrueAllele Casework.

The mission of TrueAllele is to “create a safer society by facilitating rapid crime investigation and prevention.”

TrueAllele is a DNA analysis software that can process mixture evidence samples that have 2 to 4 contributors. Since TrueAllele is able to process mixtures, it is ideal for rape cases or even familial cases. It also works with low copy number DNA sources and degraded evidence samples.

TrueAllele has been used successfully in court multiple times. It is also possible to use TrueAllele without a suspect profile. TrueAllele generates a profile using a probabilistic genotyping model.

However, TrueAllele is often called a black box because Cybergenetics has not released the source code of TrueAllele. Cybergenetics has refused to release the source code because of the competitive environment of DNA analysis software.

Dr. Perlin has noted that the source code doesn’t need to be known because the software has been validated and peer-reviewed. The issue with this is that Dr. Perlin has been an author on these peer-review and validation studies.

In order for TrueAllele to be fully accepted into the world of forensics and DNA analysis, the software needs to be peer-reviewed and validated from an outside source so that it can be trusted. Once this is done, TrueAllele has a great potential to improve DNA analysis in crimes labs across the world.

Cybergenetics Website:

Forensic Summary by Marissa Felinczak



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