Sexual Assault Websites

Sexual Assault (MCSR)

This organization is called Men Can Stop Rape which dedicates their time to mobilizing men to use their strength to free cultures from violence including rape. This organization is almost like a therapy program that educates men on different ways to protect women and raise awareness of how men use violence against women. Media promotions are shown and presented in order to encourage high school and college men to stop gender-based harassment, bullying, and sexual assault. They are encouraged to not be innocent bystanders but to actively prevent any types of violence to occur. Rather than using a man’s strength for violence against women, they are teaching men to use their strength to protect women. Clubs and programs are present on this website for further encouragement and help for men.

Donations can be made to help expand awareness of this organization. Classes and workshops are also available for any interested participants. News is updated and current so anyone interested in researching this organization can see the different news and press releases that pertain to this topic. Mostly this organization deals with any possible gender-based violence, not just sexual assault. Its topics are broad and targets a male audience. Their goals are simple for this organization but their message can help immensely in reducing sexual violence against women if successful.


Citation: N.p., n.d. Web. 06 June 2016.

Website Summary by Kiana DelGrosso


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