Sexual Assault Websites

Sexual Assault (NT)

A more informal and user-friendly website is called Not Alone: Together Against Sexual Assault. This organization deals with the information involving sexual assault that can occur in a school setting. A ‘school setting’ can include elementary, high school, private, charter, and college schools. Direct information about a specific setting is provided as well. This organization is also in connection with the White House Task Force which was accomplished in 2014. Stories and ideas have been shared on this website in order to prevent and eventually eliminate sexual assault occurrences in schools. Announcements are updated and presented in a timely matter that allow the public to have access to recent news articles about sexual assault. Information directed to students is also given so that if or when a sexual assault occurs, the student is not helpless.

Basic definitions and key terms have been included so that the victim or witness can understand legal proceedings in the case of a sexual assault. Advice on how to help a victim is also available in order to prevent any high risk behavior of a sexual assault victim after an attack. Most sexual assault victims do not report the crime because of risk of being re-victimized by the system. So this website is meant to provide information to that victim and their loved ones so that the person who committed the attack can be held accountable. President Barrack Obama is the one who began this site so that these sexual assault victims could never be alone in their suffering. It provides a safe place for victims to find help and for the public to stay informed in order to eliminate sexual assault everywhere.


Citation: Not Alone. Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 June 2016.

Website Summary by Kiana DelGrosso


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