Forensics Organization Review

The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) is an international professional organization for those who specialize in firearm and/or tool mark identification and examination. The organization has shown dedication to the exchange of information, methods, and practices since its inception in 1969. Its website, located at, contains links to sections and subsections about their history and practices, membership, monthly journal, and more. There is also information on what it takes to become a member of AFTE and links to the applications and certification programs. The contact information for each section, when necessary, is clearly presented and the webpages are kept up to date. While there is a link to a members-only section, there is a significant amount of resources available for non-members as well, such as scholarship opportunities, available research topics, and contact information of members that could help an individual with specific areas of research. It even goes so far as to include a study guide and references for the AFTE certification tests and a percentage-based breakdown of content by subject area that is on each test. Nothing seems to be missing from any of these sections as the information that AFTE provides is fairly comprehensive and the sections are well-written. The design of the webpages are well-done, as the logo design and placement, font, banners, and footers are all consistent across each of the webpages. Navigation is simple due to the consistency of the design across each of the webpages and the easily identifiable navigation bar at the top of each page. There are occasional pages that are slightly lacking in content, but there is often contact information provided at these points so that the information that an individual may be looking for is still readily available. As far as I have explored, there are also not any broken links within the website. Finally, the content found throughout the site is invaluable to anyone in the forensics field, even though it is specifically geared towards those who are involved with firearms and tool marks. In its entirety, the official AFTE website is extremely well-made, and I commend the staff for keeping it both up to date and helpful to both members and non-members.

Website Review by Kenneth Ujevich


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